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Dealing with Trauma

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Our practice uses a variety of treatment approaches for trauma-related issues

Dealing with traumatic events, past or recent, is never an easy path. A trauma forces the brain to develop a sensitivity, or trigger, to specific life stressors or interactions, among various other things. The brain then bases reactions and subsequent behavior patterns on those triggers, even when they are unknown to the individual.

From car accidents to abusive relationships to childhood abuse to loss, our therapists use a sensitive and nurturing approach to listen to the individual experiences of each person, any triggers that may have developed as a result and behavior patterns the individual may want to change.

Therapists then work with the individual to develop safe and healthy coping skills, provide alternative perspectives on healing, and use guided imagery relaxation techniques to instill a sense of calm for individuals, as well as provide resources for services needed outside of the therapy session.

Our practice uses a variety of treatment approaches for trauma-related issues including EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), which specifically targets traumatic events and works to desensitize the individual to the triggers and reprocess the event to a more manageable memory.

If you are experiencing symptoms related to a trauma, please seek help to work through any trauma and enjoy a more fulfilling life.


We have counselors, a Psychiatrist and Nurse Practitioner on staff for this purpose. In addition to Gary Rotfus, LCSW, Psychotherapist and owner.

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